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HigherChange Contractor Application

HigherChange is hiring as independent contractors coaches and therapists with some training and work experience in dating, relationships, marriage, family, health & wellness, sexuality, leadership, or business coaching. While HigherChange identifies as a Christian business, we only ask that you model the “love of Jesus,” which means you LOVE and ACCEPT all types of people without judgment and you want to help them grow into their relationship goals. HigherChange is a diverse business that serves all people regardless of background or lifestyle without judgment or discrimination. 

Coaching or therapy may be conducted either in-person or online.  If you are hired, you will sign a contract ("Independent Contractor Agreement") that details our expectations, including a commitment to work with clients for 10 hours per week, attend a few weekly meetings, and follow professional ethics. Because this may involve working with clients in-person, contracts may be contingent on a criminal background check, employment verification, and/or a drug test.

Select which areas you are most passionate about:
If you want to serve as coach or therapist, will you commit to at least 10 hours of client-contact per week?
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Have you requested for 2 recommendation letters to be emailed directly to with your name in the subject line?
Do you understand that a background check may be required before a contract is offered? (You will be notified beforehand.)
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