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Marriage Education & Coaching for Christians

Learning about a Christian perspective on marriage can be valuable for individuals who are seeking guidance, insight, and a deeper understanding of how their faith can shape and enrich their marital relationship. Here are some reasons why someone might want to explore a Christian perspective on marriage:

1. Biblical Foundation:

Christianity views marriage as a sacred institution established by God. Studying the Bible's teachings on marriage can provide a strong foundation for understanding its purpose, principles, and values.

2. Spiritual Unity: 

A Christian perspective emphasizes the spiritual unity of a married couple. Learning about this unity can help couples grow closer to each other and to God as they navigate life's challenges together.

3. Guidance on Roles and Responsibilities:

Christianity offers insights into the roles and responsibilities of spouses within a marriage. Understanding these roles can help couples work together harmoniously and support each other's growth.

4. Communication and Conflict Resolution:

Christian teachings emphasize qualities such as love, patience, kindness, and forgiveness. Learning how to apply these principles to communication and conflict resolution can lead to healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

5. Shared Values and Goals:

Exploring a Christian perspective on marriage can help couples align their values, goals, and priorities, creating a strong sense of purpose and direction in their relationship.

6. Intimacy and Emotional Connection:
Christian teachings encourage couples to nurture emotional intimacy, respect, and selflessness in their marriage. Learning about these principles can deepen the emotional connection between spouses.

7. Strengthening Commitment:

Christian marriage values commitment and fidelity. Learning about the importance of commitment can help couples weather challenges and build a lasting, resilient bond.

8. Parenting and Family Life:

For couples who plan to have children or are already parents, a Christian perspective can provide guidance on raising children in a way that aligns with their faith and values.

9. Healing and Restoration:

Learning about forgiveness, grace, and redemption from a Christian perspective can be particularly valuable for couples facing difficulties or seeking to heal and restore their relationship.

10. Preparation and Premarital Education:

Before getting married, couples can benefit from premarital education that includes a Christian perspective. This can help them discuss important topics, set expectations, and build a strong foundation for their marriage.

11. Long-Term Fulfillment:

A Christian perspective on marriage emphasizes the commitment to a lifelong journey together. Learning about this perspective can inspire couples to invest in their relationship for long-term fulfillment and happiness.

12. Connection to a Faith Community:

Understanding the Christian perspective on marriage can deepen a couple's connection to their faith community, as they seek advice, mentorship, and support from fellow believers.

It's important to note that individuals from various backgrounds and beliefs can also find value in learning about a Christian perspective on marriage, even if they do not identify as Christians themselves. The principles of love, respect, selflessness, and commitment are universal and can contribute to healthy and fulfilling marriages for people of all faiths and backgrounds.

About Dr. Tom

Dr. Luttrell brings over 15 years of experience teaching and providing therapy for couples and taught university classes on marriage and family. He and Hannah have been married for just as long. As a coach, he can help you reconnect and realign with your truth authentic self by restoring emotional intimacy with yourself, partner, family, business, or spiritual relationships. 

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