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Adult Individual Counseling

We offer counseling to individuals about emotions or mood-related issues, such as anger, anxiety, depression, shame or guilt, and grief and loss. We also help with work and family-related struggles or help you cope wtih past trauma, abuse or the loss of a relationship, or recover from addiction. Family therapists typically work with individuals from a relationship-oriented perspective.

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Marriage Proposal

Pre-Commitment Counseling

Some couples may want to talk to a professional Marriage and Family Therapist before committing to a lifelong marriage. Pre-marital/pre-commitment counseling can help ensure that you two will be compatible and happy in your relationship. This process looks at your love for each other, how your expectations match, how attuned you are to each other's needs, how you communicate, and the potential for power struggles.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy includes a broad range of issues from dating to divorcing, but typically involves both partners in the session. Couples therapy is designed to reduce conflict and enhance the relationship between partners. Topics discussed may include love, sex, quality time together, parenting, finances, emotions and mood issues (like anxiety, depression, anger), communication, boundaries, cultural expectations, gender roles, household labor, family stress, grief and loss, and infidelity.

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Child/Youth Therapy

Children and youth go through stages that have different needs. Children and adolescents may struggle with healing from abuse or neglect, their parents' divorce, emotions such as anger or grief, the need for family or friends, schoolwork, bullying or gangs, boundaries, romantic relationships, substance abuse, self-esteem, and illness.

Family Therapy

Family therapy typically involves parents and their children, or multiple generations. It assists in resolving conflict between family members or in adjusting to changes in the family. Family therapy also helps blend step-families together, cope with substance abuse or illness in the family, grieve the loss of a family member, set goals for the family, discuss recreation or family time together, and discuss spirituality and education.

Family Dispute
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Divorce/Separation Support/Mediation

If you are going through a painful separation or divorce, you may need support for yourself or for both of you to keep the process friendly. We help you to explore any ambivalence that either of you has and clarify your choices and intentions. We also help you to communicate in productive ways about the logistics of separation or divorce in order to keep your relationship on somewhat peaceful terms. Some of our therapists are also trained in divorce mediation.

Groups & Workshops

Journey towards growth together with others with a similar goal. Upcoming groups include:
Couples Growth Group
Addiction Recovery Growth Group
Emotions and Anger Growth Group
Online Webinars

Study Group
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