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Apprentice Coach

Benjamin is a life coach specializing in helping his clients drastically reduce self-sabotage by learning to recognize the difference between their own goals and the goals other people want them to have.

About 8 years ago, Benjamin was introduced to the personal development industry when his brother-in-law turned on a recording of Zig Ziglar in the car, and his passion for understanding what influences human behavior has only grown since then. Benjamin has been privileged to learn from world-renowned experts in the field, including Tony Robbins, Cloé Madanes, Les Brown, and the late Bob Proctor.

Raised in a Christian home, Benjamin was taught that the Bible is full of unparalleled wisdom for a happy and fulfilled life. In the personal development industry, he learned the importance of having one’s daily rituals and mental focus consistently aligned to purposeful and ambitious goals. As a coach with HigherChange, Benjamin brings to each client our “Acceptance First” philosophy, regular, clarifying reviews of their goals, and multiple strategies for making measurable progress toward those goals and toward the client’s ultimate fulfillment of their true potential as human beings.

Expressive & Creative Arts

We can support you in harnessing your artistic talents and fostering personal and professional growth. We provide a nurturing environment where you can explore your creative potential and overcome creative blocks. Through customized coaching sessions, you'll gain insights into your artistic process, develop your unique voice, and receive guidance on marketing, networking, and turning your passion into a sustainable career.

Personal Wholeness & Life Coaching

Life coaching can help you clarify your life purpose, create a vision for your life, and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Relationship Coaching for Individuals

Our relationship coaching empowers you to build fulfilling relationships by enhancing your self-awareness and interpersonal skills. We offer guidance in navigating dating challenges, improving communication, and boosting self-confidence to help you create meaningful connections.

Spiritual Growth & Bible

Deepen your spiritual journey and understanding with our spiritual growth and Bible guidance. We provide resources and support to help you explore your faith and strengthen your connection with God.

Growing Healthy Churches

Support the growth and vitality of your church community with our services. We offer guidance in church leadership, outreach, and ministry development to help your congregation thrive. We specifically help empower church leaders and congregations to create a nurturing and supportive spiritual environment. We offer guidance on developing emotionally healthy church practices, fostering open communication, and implementing psychological safety measures. Through our coaching, you'll gain the tools and strategies needed to strengthen your church community, promote well-being, and ensure that all members feel valued, heard, and supported in their faith journey.

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